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Reaping the Harvest

Outreach Event Training

Jesus Christ said, “…lift up your eyes and look at the fields, for they are already white for harvest!” John 4:35b

The Great Commission He gave us before His ascension to heaven is such a broad command that no one person, no matter how famous or powerful could fulfill this command alone. We all need each other and we all have a part to play.

This fantastic Evangelism training course by Australian Evangelist Bill Newman comprises 7 simple sessions to help you be ready for your part. Dig deeper into broader areas of Bible teaching on sharing your faith.

Developed over 30 years for training helpers at Outreach Events, these lessons will help you in your daily life or train you to be ready volunteer at one of our Live Events!

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Chapter 1

1. Spiritual Preparations For Evangelism

In this Chapter of Bill Newman’s “REAPING THE HARVEST” Bill introduces the seminar with this first session about preparing our hearts for the work of evangelism. He takes the audience through numerous points and finalizes the teaching with an excellent focus on the Holy Spirit’s work in us as partners with Him.

Chapter 2

2. Why Every Christian Should Be Active In Evangelism

Bill shares a Bible-based foundation on why every Christian can become activated in sharing their faith in Christ. Be inspired to let God challenge you as you share His love for the world.

Chapter 3

3. How To Pray For The Lost

Bill shares practical advice on prayer in and around the subject of evangelism. Prayer is a key component to all of life. The work of evangelism has some special keys to understand for all who share their faith. Join Bill now as he shares this vital material.

Chapter 4.1

4.1 How to Successfully Witness Without Fear

In this Chapter Bill reveals a number of steps for us to lean from and put into practice when it comes to successfully witnessing. Join Bill now and be empowered for success in the Harvest.

Chapter 4.2

4.2 Steps To Successfully Witnessing

Fear can be a killer in any endeavour of life. When it comes to the saving of souls our enemy tries all the more to knock us off the horse before we make it to the battle. Join Bill now as he reveals how to overcome fear and find peace as we share our faith.

Chapter 5

5. How To Lead A Person To Christ

In this final session Bill takes you through a simple process by which you can help others understand how to establish their faith in Jesus Christ and also have surety of God’s promise of salvation to them.

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Developed and refined for over 3 decades this material is ready to help you shed your fears and engage the work of evangelism like never before.


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