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A Guide for New Christians

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A Guide for New Christians

In this series, Evangelist Bill Newman will share with you some important keys that will help you grow in your new Christian life.

You will also discover how you can live victoriously as a Christian each and every day.

It is so vital that you start your Christian journey on the right track, and this series is designed especially to guide you on this new adventure you have begun.

“To all who obeyed Him, to theose who beileved in His name, He gave the right to become children of God.” – John 1:12

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Cover all the bases without getting into complex opinion or tricky technique.

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We keep it simple so you can easily grasp these concepts and pass them on swiftly to others in your world.

Well Developed

Developed and refined for over 3 decades this material is ready to help you shed your fears and engage the work of evangelism like never before.


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