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Hello precious friends,

Welcome to our Streaming Page for our EQUIP SEMINARS. Along with our ministry team, I am so excited to welcome you to the ACADEMY OF EVANGELISM. We believe God is raising up passionate people for a mighty harvest of souls.

View our streaming sessions below, check out the resources at our store and be equipped to serve God like never before. We look forward to sharing with you more and more on this online journey together!

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LECTURER: Dr Bill Newman

This, our first Academy of Evangelism session of our EQUIP SEMINARS, is presented by our Main Lecturer, Dr Bill Newman. In this session, Bill takes us through a classic topic that never tires in the subject of Evangelism.

With over 40 years of faithful service to the Lord in full-time evangelistic ministry, Bill shares some key principles to help you when preparing your evangelistic messages and winning souls for Christ.


LECTURER: Dr Luis Palau

In this Session, Rev Dr Luis Palau shares about the heart of the evangelist with the Academy. A passion for Christ is a vital element for sharing the Good News of the gospel in a fruitful way and seeing lives changed for eternity.

A full-time evangelist for all of his life, Luis commenced his ministry as a translator for Evangelist Dr Billy Graham as he conducted campaigns throughout South America. From there he commenced his own ministry filling arenas to hear the message of Christ and seeing countless thousands of people come to Christ.

This EQUIP SEMINAR Session carries his heart for evangelistic ministry and the need to share the message of salvation in Christ.


LECTURER: Rev. Will Graham

In this EQUIP SEMINAR International Evangelist Rev. Will Graham outlines a core feature of the ministry of his grandfather, Dr Billy Graham – the message!

The late, great Dr. Graham constantly brought his ministry back to a point of comparison to the message that he saw to be vital to all Christian work especially the work of evangelism.

Enjoy this message now and be blessed to hear from Rev. Will as he speaks on a subject that has effected billions around the world.


LECTURER: Rev. Will Graham

This up close and personal Academy session by Dr Luis Palau is a great encouragement about sharing the Gospel in the modern world.

Join Dr Luis now and hear his heart for the modern evangelist. Since recording this session Dr Luis has returned home the Lord in Heaven, but his heart for evangelism lives on with us today. A great encourager to others involved in the work of evangelism, this session will inspire you afresh to win evermore in your evangelistic work.



Rev. Dr. Malcolm Gill brings a solid message for all people wanting to share their faith in Christ. In this session with the Academy, Malcolm reveals how the gospel literally is Good News. Bringing the Gospel message is bringing Good News to the people we know and love, and the world we live in.

In sharing Christ we may encounter challenges, it’s vital to remember that we are merely the vessel and God is the real Person at work. His authority for the sharing of the Good News is His Word!

Enjoy this session and share it with others who will benefit from Malcolm’s great Bible knowledge and practical wisdom.


LECTURER: Ps. Aaron Daniell

In this very important session, Pastor Aaron Daniell shares truths with the Academy from the vital perspective of being a local church pastor and what it means to be at work with the evangelist. He shares thoughts about how the evangelist and the pastor can work together for events and for training the Body of Christ, so that a partnership of purpose is established and executed.

These thoughts will be vital for all evangelists to incorporate into their ministries to see great fruitfulness and enduring longevity.


LECTURER: Rev. Dr. Bill Newman

In this session Bill Newman brings a down to earth message that every evangelist and well established believer in Christ needs to hear. No matter how advanced we are in our area of life specialisations we need to know that God is the one we serve, not our own agenda.

In “The Perils of the Preacher” Bill shares a very thought provoking teaching with the Academy that will be a great blessing to all preachers of God’s Word.




LECTURER: Karl Faase

Karl Faase has been a professional in the media industry for decades, working with the church to create content that has impact. Karl is highly sought after speaker who travells regularly around Australia.

In this session Karl shares with the Academy some classic concepts and up-to-the-minute wisdom about the changing world of the online space and how one can maneuver in that space to bring fruitful results in for your business, church or evangelistic ministries.


LECTURER: Liz Howland

Liz Howland is a local legend in Outback Quensland amongst the churches and in some of the most remote communities of our state.

Liz has a down to earth practical attitude to serving God and serving those that seem to have been forgotten by our major centers. She spends months every year on the road being led by God to outreach whomsoever the Lord brings across her path. She has seen amazing fruit for the Lord in her obedience.

Join Liz now as she shares wonderful testimonies with the Academy about how God worls in everyday life when we are simply open to obe and serve. This is a unconventional form of evangelism but one we can all learn from and apply to our daily lives.


LECTURER: Jorge Rodriguez

This fantastic Academy session is presented by Jorge Rodriguez, who has served as an event organiser, fund raiser and ministry manager for large evangelistic organisations around the world.

In this session Jorge helps open up and examine helpful areas of large scale crusade events, running elements of these events and having a vision for the overall scope required to do a great job serving God in this often overlooked area of evangelistic ministry.


LECTURER: John Sypkes

In this Session Bill Newman interviews John Sypkes who has worked for decades in the area of follow up after evangelistic events. Being a strong personal evangelist himself, John shares some great examples and personal stories which will give insight into how to follow up and disciple those new to faith in Christ.

Numerous of the points made in this session are elaborated upon in John’s book, “Disciple Making” which can be found on the Amazon bookstore or on Kindle.


LECTURER: Andrew Walkington

Street Evangelism is a specialized form of evangelistic ministry. In this Academy of Evangelism session Andrew gives some great wisdom and practical tools for taking the Gospel to the streets. This unique ministry form is a fruitful ministry yet also is not without it’s challenges.

Hearing what Andrew has to share will certainly help you on your journey of street evangelism, and for those who don’t feel called to this specialization, this video remains a concise snapshot of great advice that will help you understand your fellow evangelists, their work and motivations.


Our world is in desperate need for answers right now and the best answers are the the answers God has provided to solve the problems of the world.

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