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Leading people to Christ

How to Lead a Person to Christ

Go into all the world and preach the Gospel…

This ongoing series by International Evangelist Bill Newman cuts straight to the core of the issue and helps you understand exactly what it means to lead someone to Christ, then steps you through the very simple and focused ways you can do this in your everyday life.
These sessions are all complete yet different approaches that you can study and learn from, to help you fully embrace elements of the Gospel that need conveying when sharing Christ.

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Be ready to help others to make the best decision of their lives!


Leading a person to Christ doesn’t have to be complicated. Learn the simple basics of how to help others make the best decision of their lives.


Many people find it hard to share their faith. God is the One bringing people to Himself, we train you on how to partner with His powerful work in the lives of others.

Confidence Boosting

Share your faith with confidence when you are sure you know how.

Be Ready

Being prepared is vital so that you’re able to answer questions and stay on track.


Learn the proven ways that work.

Our world is in desperate need for answers right now and the best answers are the the answers God has provided to solve the problems of the world.
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